Motivator Session

A motivator session is a 20-minute virtual, personalized training session with me. It’s a great way to get in shape for a wide range of people, including the budget conscious, people who don’t love to workout and/or those who intend to work out but never actually do it (that’s a big group).

STAY INJURY FREE AND FUNCTIONAL. If you’re new to exercising and/or a senior adult, a motivator session is the answer. 20 minutes is the perfect amount of time for new exercisers. They will learn basic, functional exercises that will keep them mobile, strong and healthy for years to come. Fight the toll of aging by using your body in functional ways. Who wants to use a walker at age 70?

GET THAT EXTRA PUSH YOU NEED. If you’re an intermediate to advanced exerciser who just need that extra push, the motivator session is your solution. For many people, the beginning of the workout is the most challenging. But when they’ve gotten through that part, which is generally 15-20 min long, they can keep going on their own. (It is possible to get in a great workout in just 20 min, if you push yourself very hard. But that’s hard to do on your own.) I will give them simple, personalized exercises they can do when the session has ended. Bring me to the gym and use me on your phone!

SAVE MONEY. A motivator session is a mini-training session and very affordable. If you get a 12-pack of these sessions, a session costs only $30! It’s $35/session in a 6-pack and $40 for a single session. That’s about a fourth of what experienced trainers charge for a regular session. Granted, they’re with you the entire time and often stretch you at the end, but let’s be honest. It’s not cheap to use a regular personal trainer.

SAVE TIME. If you have trouble fitting in fitness into your schedule, a motivator session at your house is for you. All you need is some space to workout in and a computer with internet connection. If you have an entire gym available, great. It’s good if you have dumbbells, bands, balls, etc, but it isn’t necessary. For example, water bottles make a great substitution for weights. There are tons of stuff you can do in your living room.