The Club Nirvana Series

Club Nirvana is based on Yvonne and Gabe Landis, the mother and son characters in The Child Trilogy and The Cuckoo Series. Read those two series if you want to find out exactly what drives these two, ahem, crazy, offbeat people to cure child trafficking…

Currently, two books are out with the next scheduled for release in April 2023. See books one and two below. Click the title of the book to get it at your preferred vendor:)


Yvonne Landis has suffered plenty in her 43 years of life. She’s a paranoid schizophrenic fugitive who lost her husband in an accident she’s accused of staging, and child traffickers once abducted her first-born son, who ended up killing her second. That’s enough to destroy most people many times over.

But not Yvonne. She’s a fighter.

After spending time in the Midwest, Yvonne returns to Manhattan with a new name, a new face, and a new husband. She calls herself Marisa Azzat and her Moroccan husband’s name is Juri. Her goal is to end child trafficking together with Juri and her remaining son. She’ll volunteer as a tutor for foster kids, thereby finding children in need. Being a former middle-school teacher, this task suits her perfectly.

She soon stumbles upon Ana, a tween trafficked by her foster family. Yvonne believes saving Ana will be easy, given her experience and extensive preparation out in the boondocks. She couldn’t be more wrong.

Marisa Azzat—formerly known as homicidal fugitive Yvonne Landis—is still grieving her husband. He was killed during their secret child-trafficking investigations. Her goal in life is to avenge his brutal death, while also rooting out child trafficking once and for all. 

But finding the traffickers is easier said than done. Mainly, she and her son Gabe, a former child-trafficking victim, search for them online, surfing the dark web. That’s how they come across Emily Hill, a 14-year-old who went missing while on vacation with her parents.

Emily is in love with her handsome abductor Dario. But he’s only interested in making money by selling her body to perverts. Marisa and Gabe believe that snatching Emily out of Dario’s arms will be a piece of cake. Problem is, he’s far savvier than they expect…