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My romantic suspense novel Girl Undercover – Duplicity – the prequel to the Girl Undercover Serial– is now FREE for a limited time. You just need to tell me where to send it! 

Undercover NOOK 

8 responses to “Get FREE book

  1. Hello Julia. I enjoy your books very much. I have tried to get a free copy of The smiley killer. There seems to be a problem. I keep getting ERROR.with my email. I put it in correctly but to no avail
    I was really looking forward to reading it. Can you please help some how?? Thanks.

  2. Hey Julia. That was quick. Thanks so very much. The only problem with your books is that I read them so fast. But that only means. That I can go back and reread them again..Can’t wait to start reading…Thank you again….Lorraine Heba

  3. Hi Julia, I loved girl undercover so much that I’ve had to talk nonstop about it. Your twists are jolting. Looking forward to reading more of your work. Wendy (from Australia)

  4. Hi Julia, I also cannot download the smiley killer. To tell the truth, I would buy it as I love your work. Wendy, Heavy Rock Farm, Qld, Australia. Cheers.

    • Hi Wendy, thanks so much for your nice words and I’m glad you enjoyed Girl Undercover. I’ll be sending you the Smiley Killer in an email. Look for it:)

  5. Have read two of your under cover girl books love them but seem to b having trouble down loading the free smiley killer so don’t know what to do now

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