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NOTE: If you go to My Books and click on my series pages (in the drop down menu), you’ll find more FREE books. The first book in Cooper and White, Girl Undercover, and Celeste Jones are all free at your favorite vendor.

My romantic suspense novel Girl Undercover – Duplicity – the prequel to the Girl Undercover Serial– is now FREE for a limited time. You just need to tell me where to send it! 

Undercover NOOK 

29 responses to “Get FREE book

  1. Hello Julia. I enjoy your books very much. I have tried to get a free copy of The smiley killer. There seems to be a problem. I keep getting ERROR.with my email. I put it in correctly but to no avail
    I was really looking forward to reading it. Can you please help some how?? Thanks.

  2. Hey Julia. That was quick. Thanks so very much. The only problem with your books is that I read them so fast. But that only means. That I can go back and reread them again..Can’t wait to start reading…Thank you again….Lorraine Heba

  3. Hi Julia, I loved girl undercover so much that I’ve had to talk nonstop about it. Your twists are jolting. Looking forward to reading more of your work. Wendy (from Australia)

  4. Hi Julia, I also cannot download the smiley killer. To tell the truth, I would buy it as I love your work. Wendy, Heavy Rock Farm, Qld, Australia. Cheers.

    • Hi Wendy, thanks so much for your nice words and I’m glad you enjoyed Girl Undercover. I’ll be sending you the Smiley Killer in an email. Look for it:)

  5. Have read two of your under cover girl books love them but seem to b having trouble down loading the free smiley killer so don’t know what to do now

  6. Hello,
    I am sino augustine from India. I recently read your book named SINS OF THE PAST. It’s really awesome and very pretty to read. I can openly say that the book really helped me to overcome in one difficult situation in my life. So I use this opportunity to congratulate your wonderful efforts that you have been taking. And I would like to read your books more. Because i like your thinking style. I am a reader. I used to read novels. I would like to be a writer in the future. And really you are doing a prophetic work. Surely you are deserving appreciation. You should write more books so that others can be inspired by your writing. Here I pray that may the God help you write more books . Thank you

    • Hi Sino Augustine! Thanks for your very nice message. I’m so happy you enjoy my books. If you go to Instafreebie and look for my name, you can find a couple more freebies:)

  7. No comment other than the evil trilogy kept my heart rate GOING! When is the third coming out? I know it’s suppose t o be June but how soon? I can’t wait! Please notify mt by e-mail. Thanks!!!

  8. Trying to buy True Evil and Hunt Evil and cannot find them on Barnes n Noble. Amazon only offer with their monthly subscription. Where can I find books?

    • Hi Maria, True Evil will be available
      at B &N and all other vendors July 19. Hunt Evil not until early September. In the meantime, you can buy them from Amazon. You don’t have to subscribe to Kindle Unlimited (the monthly subscription). I hope this helps. Happy 4th of July!

  9. I loved the under cover book,I just got the crucifer can’t wait to read it keep writing ,you are doing a wonderful job

  10. Hi Julia,
    First, allow me to say thanks for the thriller Girl Undercover. A good thriller but like it most for detail on fitness.
    There is something wrong with the free book link received in email. Link opens a blank page. If free book’s limited time is over then it should also convey properly in subscriber’s email.
    On this page click on the link on My Tweets sends me on twitter page which does not exist. Message on the page is “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!”. Please rectify errors. I was trying to follow you on twitter but due to bad links could not able to find correct twitter account.
    with best regards

    • Hi Devbrat. Thanks for your message. No, that book is still free. It seems people who go for a copy of the book compatible with Apple have problems downloading it. Is this the case with you? I can send you a copy if you let me know what file you prefer. I’ll look into the Twitter situation. Thanks for the headsup.

      • Hi Julia,
        Thanks for kind reply. It would be great if I could get copy in EPUB format . I am using Android based mobile and EPUB format supported for most platforms. I got your Twitter account by little search(@juliaderekNY ) onTwitter, but it would still good to have a working link in blog.

  11. Hi. For some reason it’s not working for me to be able to get your free download of your book. The link only sends me to WordPress and there isn’t anything there at all. Please let me know what to do? Thank you!

  12. Hi! I’m just curious to know if THE SMILEY KILLER is still supposed to be free? If so I’m not finding a link to the free copy. I LOVE all of the books I’ve read so far!! I’m also curious to know if you have an ARC/Launch Team and if so how do I go about getting on that team? I review on Amazon, Goodreads, Bookbub and all my social media sites. Thanks for your time! Have a great day!

    • Hi April,

      thanks for your comments. The Smiley Killer is no longer free. Soon, I will be adding another book to my freebies, though, Blood Eagle. I don’t really use a launch team, but that might change and I will definitely contact you then:)

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