Curtsy lunge combo for sexy, strong legs and glutes!

No leg workout is complete without the curtsy lunge, an excellent compound functional strength movement! Unlike the traditional lunge, the curtsy targets your inner thighs and glute medius (in addition to the quads, hams, and glute maximus). This lunge tones AND helps improve your posture while also stabilizing your entire lower body because of its criss-crossing nature (movement). If you have sensitive knees like me, the curtsy usually won’t bother them. So definitely try it!
Engage your core and keep your chest up while bending forward slightly while doing the exercise. Toes pointing forward at all times and hips square while lowering yourself. Make sure your knee touches ground with each rep. 
For extra calorie burn and full activation of all leg and butt muscles, add a side lunge after each curtsy like I’m doing at the end of the reel! As always, only work within a pain-free range.

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