My latest CRIME THRILLER is out!

This is the third book in the Club Nirvana Series. All books in the series are stand-alones, meaning you don’t have to have read the other books first. Book description and BUY link below:

When Manhattan socialite Marisa Azzat walks home one night, a huge piece of machinery falls from the scaffolding, nearly crushing her. Someone is trying to kill her. Or are they? She can’t tell if it’s a hallucination or happening for real because she suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. Turns out it’s for real.

She and her son, Gabe, continue their quest to root out child sex trafficking when this nasty event interrupts them. To make matters worse, Marisa begins to suspect that her new friend Harry is abusing his adopted son, Jack. Then a stranger on the street stabs her and she ends up in the hospital.

The more she and Gabe investigate the attempts on her life as well as Harry, the more it seems it’s all connected. She must stop Harry to save not only Jack but also herself.


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