Why you should do a bridge (or at least practice toward it)!

You don’t necessarily have to go up into a full bridge/backbend (or wheel like yogis call it) like I do here, but training to perform one has lots of benefits for your body, especially as we age. Benefits include:

1. More flexible shoulders, spine, and hips.

2. Stronger quads.

3. Stronger upper body and shoulders.

4. It improves your balance/spatial awareness.

5. It feels great to do one (even a partial one:)

People who have current shoulder pain/weakness, neck pain, or elbow pain should heal/fix those issues before attempting a full bridge. Some of the exercises practicing toward a bridge may help resolve some if not all your issues. Because the ppl at @gmbfitness have an excellent backbend (bridge) tutorial, I’m sending you there for more details and all the exercises. Click HERE. They have tons of excellent free tutorials to move better/develop functional fitness knowledge in general, and I trust them because they’re former gymnasts/yoga teachers as well as physical therapists!

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