Deadhanging may be the one exercise you’re not doing that you should… The vast majority of people will benefit from hanging like I’m doing here. Benefits include:

1. Decompresses your spine. (Hello, professionals who sit all day…)

2. Strengthens your shoulders and stretches your back and chest muscles. (If you want good posture, deadhang.)

3. Increases grip strength. (We lose grip strength as we age.)

Start by hanging for as long as you can endure even if that’s just a sec or two. Work up to 30-60 sec/day. You can use either grip I’m using in the video. See how my hands are different, facing toward and away from my head. You can play around with which grip feels best to you. Try not to swing as much as I’m doing here, lol. I’m way too aware of how someone’s filming me and, believe it or not, I hate being on camera… Anyway, just hang straight down.

Once you’re strong enough to hang for 30 sec, start activating your shoulder and back muscles and pull yourself upward for a few seconds.

You can buy a pull up bar online for less than 50 bucks for your house if you don’t have access to a gym.

To find out more details about this great, functional exercise, go here and here.

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