Last day to get Cuckoo Uncaged, my new thriller, for $2.99!

Check out my new suspense thriller, Cuckoo Uncaged. It’s based on the mother and son in the Child Trilogy. Buy links under the description.


Yvonne Landis has escaped from a mental institution, where she was treated for psychosis. Accused of murder, she will stand trial once psychiatrists deem her fit enough to understand her charges. Only Yvonne knows that she didn’t kill her husband; her son Gabe did. Because she was onto him, he tricked the authorities into believing that Mom killed Dad. Having been traumatized in his tweens, he suffers from extreme anger issues. In order to deal with them, he must kill on occasion.

Yvonne is determined to prove to everyone that not only did Gabe kill his father, but that he’s the one who’s truly dangerous, not she. That’s easier said than done, considering her fugitive status and the psychotic episodes she still experiences…

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One response to “Last day to get Cuckoo Uncaged, my new thriller, for $2.99!

  1. Is there a book after cuckoo uncaged? I feel like it left us hanging and wondering what happens to them

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