BORN EVIL, my new thriller, is out!

My psychological thriller, BORN EVIL, is now released. It’s 99 cents for the first 72 hours, so get it now. It will be available on Amazon only for the first three months. (If you email me your receipt, I can exchange your book file for one compatible with the other vendors.) Click HERE to get it and read the description below the cover.

One night when Jennifer Hanson returns home, she catches her 12-year-old son Shane stabbing their cat to death. Thankfully, he doesn’t see her. Having long known Shane has a brain with psychopathic tendencies, her worst fears may be confirmed. Ever since he accidentally shot his father to death at age six, she has done everything she can to ensure Shane doesn’t become a full-blown psychopath. He has behaved normally up until now. Have her efforts been in vain? She can tell he’s changing, becoming increasingly dangerous, but she can’t stomach putting him in a psych ward. But then she find pics of a dead girl in his phone, a girl everyone thought had died accidentally…

NOTE: BORN EVIL is a stand-alone psychological thriller with no sex and very little violence.

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