Another Summer Book Promo!

Great deal for mystery and thriller lovers!

Pen In Hand, Words on Page

Did you finish that book you downloaded during the last promo I told you about?

Well, here is another promo. Be sure to pick out as many books as you can from these authors, who are willing to share their work with you For Free!

And I would like to suggest that when you finish reading the books you’ve selected–go and write a review. Help the author out!

If you don’t like doing reviews, drop them a quick line and let them know what you liked about the book.

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6 responses to “Another Summer Book Promo!

  1. I just finished reading The Smiley Killer part 1 & was anxious to read the 2nd part . On Amazon it shows it’s not in stock & may not be. Is there any way you could “gift” this book to me? I read part 1 in a couple of hours & it was great. Kept me wondering & trying to figure out who the killer really is. Then when it ended & I looked for part 2, I felt like I’m left hanging! 😦 so disappointed.

  2. I am reading book4 now. I am absolutely thrilled and sated from reading books 1, 2, and 3 ! What an amazing writer you are, Julia Derek! Thank you so much for your books! Sincerely, Irma 😊

      • I somehow lost my reply. I’ll say again that the series I am reading is ” Girl Undercover “. Books 1 to 4. I am reading more slowly now because I don’t want it to end. I love the characters—especially Gabi and Ian, and others. Thank you so much!


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