Best machine for GREAT ABS


This is me standing on a roman chair. I love this particular machine because it supports your back at the same time as you work your abs and burn calories!Front Roman chairThe thing about great abs is that you can’t have great abs with a layer of fat covering them. This is why most crunches, sit-ups, ab exercises etc. are a waste of time. Instead, you should focus on doing full-body exercises such as Roman Chair bent-leg crunches and standing wood chops. You want to use as many muscles as possible while working your abs. Full-body ab exercises tighten your abs while also burning more calories that will remove that fat layer. When you use that many muscles, each rep is much harder than a traditional crunch. Way more bang for your buck, which should be the goal! The pics below show how to do a proper Roman Chair crunch.

side roman 1Before you start your set, make sure you press your elbows into the padding under them the way I’m doing on this pic above. You don’t want to be slouching at any point during this exercise. Unless you already have a very strong core, you’re most likely going to want to slouch at some point during the set. Don’t give in to the temptation!

side roman 2Bring your knees as high up as you can while the shoulders, elbows, and your entire upper body stay in place. After about 12 to 15 of these crunches,  I promise you’ll be feeling it. Last, keep in mind that diet matters. Don’t eat too much if you want great abs. Good luck!

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