How to lose weight over age 40

weight-on-scale-e1361123142769Losing weight is never easy, but it gets even harder after age 40. This article is written by my friend Martha McKittrick. Find out more about Martha below. Many of her clients are women in their 40’s and 50’s, seeking her help in losing weight. The majority of them tell her that they haven’t made any changes in their diet or exercise … but the pounds are slowing creeping on … especially in the belly area. Don’t despair! While it’s often more difficult to lose weight as you get older, it’s definitely possible!

She was interviewed for an article, 21 ways to get a flat belly after 40, in Here are some tips (including some that did not get published).

Martha’s top 10 tips to lose weight over age 40:

1. Be patient. For many women in their 20’, it’s relatively easy to drop 10 pounds by cutting back for a few weeks. But as you age, your metabolism slows. What worked in your 20’s no longer works! The trick is to stay the course and be patient. Eventually, the scale will drop.

2. Get your zzz’s.  In your 20’s, you can get away with late nights anwoman_sleeping1d minimal sleep. But in your 40’s, your body doesn’t rebound as well. Too little sleep hits you harder  the next day with less motivation to exercise and increased hunger for fat and carbs.

3. Exercise smart. Your body doesn’t heal as well as you get older. Less may be more. Try shorter more intense exercise session, like HIIT (high intensity interval training)

4. Pump some iron. We loose muscle mass as we age. Weight training can preserve/build muscle mass, which will help to speed your metabolism.

5. Booze control. Your body doesn’t metabolize alcohol as well as you did in your younger days. Remember your college days? Scary. But now, even 1-2 alcoholic drinks can make you feel “off” the next day … as well as interfere with your sleep. The results – more carb cravings and decreased motivation to eat healthy and exercise the next day.


Watch the sweets!

6. Tame your late night munches. Your metabolism slows as you age which can be quite noticeable in your 40’s.

7. Curb your carbs. We become more insulin resistant as we age. This means our bodies don’t process carbs, especially the “white” or sugary ones, as well as we did in our 20’s and 30’s.

8. Eat a lighter dinner. Newer studies on our bodies circadian rythms are suggesting calories eaten later at night, especially carbs, are more likely to be stored as fat and cause metabolic disruptions. I often suggest having a protein shake for dinner a few nights a week to kick-start weight loss.

9. Log what you eat …and scrutinize. An extra 50 calories a day can lead to a 5 pound weight gain a year. The majority of my clients find keeping food logs very eye-opening a

Upside down cat

This cat knows how to de-stress

nd helpful in promoting weight loss. 

10. Stress management. No one has a stress-free life, but I find many women in their 40’s and 50’s have even more stress – career, aging parents, kids in college, etc. Chronic stress can raise cortisol levels which contribute to weight gain. Find ways to deal with your stress that don’t involve eating. Suggestions: meditation, yoga, talking a walk, exercise, reading, listening to music, and talking to non-irritating friends!

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