CROSSFIRE, my latest book is out now!!

War can’t kill love. But can their love kill the war?

Two years ago, FBI Agent Gabi Longoria thwarted a conspiracy from taking over the world and filling it with meta-humans–genetically engineered people who are better-looking, healthier, more athletic and smarter than regular folks. Metas are the remnants of the conspiracy.

When America finds out that not only has the government kept it a secret how many metas there really are in the world, but that they’re also prone to violence, panic sets in. Movements form across the country with the goal of eliminating all metas. Tensions between metas and regular humans escalate, and a civil war seems inevitable. Gabi is caught in the middle, because her fiancé and fellow FBI Agent Ian Armory is a meta himself—and he decides to take the metas’ side.

99 cents for a limited time. Get it HERE.







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