Catching the Devil, my new book, is out!

Catching 7

A gang of bank robbers called the Jokers has the authorities scratching their heads. The FBI believes the bank robbers consist of meta-humans–genetically engineered humans with superior abilities–because not only are they extremely elusive, but one of them outran a speeding car. Having experience with metas, Special Agents Gabi Longoria and Ian Armory are called in to catch them.Gabi and Ian quickly figure out the identity of three of the four Jokers. The fourth member, who they believe is the gang’s mastermind, remains a secret. What’s worse, he is actively trying to kill Gabi. Everywhere she goes, she has to worry about him taking her out. In order to catch the Jokers, they must figure out why he so badly wants to see her dead.

NOTE: CATCHING THE DEVIL is a stand-alone thriller and is a spin-off of the GIRL UNDERCOVER serial. The first Girl Undercover novel is already out and is entitled FRIENDING THE DEVIL

ONLY 99 CENTS FOR THE NEXT 48 HOURS. Click HERE to get it on Amazon.


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