My new book release—LOVELY REVENGE

LOVELY REVENGE, the final installment of the L.A. Girls Romance Series, is available today! Like the other three books, it’s a standalone, meaning you don’t need to have read the other books in the series first. Here is book description:


When Elisa gets to transfer her job in finance from L.A. to New York, she’s thrilled. Except for loathing her new boss, the sullen but hot Chase, she loves her new life. Well, that is until she wakes up in a locked room with Chase, who accuses her of having something to do with him being abducted by armed men. What the hell?

Thinking that this must all be some really bad practical joke, Elisa soon realizes it’s not—they both have actually been kidnapped. What’s worse, neither of them can figure out why because it doesn’t seem like their abductors want money in exchange for their freedom.

As the hours pass, their mutual aversion morphs into an ever-growing attraction impossible to resist, and it becomes increasingly clear that they’ve been taken by a very twisted individual. Together, they must find a way to escape—or risk losing their lives.

Click here to buy it on Amazon. You can also buy it on B&N, Apple and Kobo.


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