Release Day of LOVE CURSED—Romance with bad boys and Harleys—99 Cents!

LOVE CURSED, the second book of the L.A. Girls Romance Series, is here! It’s like the first book, TRIGGER, a standalone novel. it’s only 99 cents July 17-21. Get it here.cover

Ricki is in heaven when the guy she’s crushed on forever asks her out. But after two months of dating, he suddenly dumps her, claiming he’s no longer attracted to her. Convinced she’s too fat, Ricki decides to get in the best shape of her life, using a trainer. That’s when she meets dangerously hot and mysterious Dante, a boxing instructor and trainer at the gym she joins. 

Former gang member Dante has problems. He must work twice as hard to keep his job when gym management learns he’s on probation. In addition, he’s trying to help his buddy get out of the gang. So the last thing he needs is a client like Ricki, who’s annoyingly beautiful and inquisitive enough to uncover a tragic past Dante refuses to deal with. In order to stay at the gym and out of prison, he has no choice but to train her. 

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