Cover reveal of my YA thriller, THE SMILEY KILLER (Release date: March 25, 2014)


The Smiley Kil - Julia Derek


Seventeen-year-old Riley has been fascinated with crime investigation since she discovered CSI on TV. So, when it’s announced a serial killer is loose in the city, hell-bent on killing twelve-year-olds like Riley’s sister, she’s on full alert. Not even Mark, the hot college boy pursuing her, can take her mind off the case.

A victim found near the hospital where Riley’s friend works makes Riley think she’s found a lead: The killer’s signature appears in the hospital, so it must be someone working there. Riley alerts the NYPD, but the police dismiss her claims.

Convinced that she’s onto something, Riley embarks on her own investigation. When another victim is found near the hospital, it seems she’s close to finding the killer. Only problem is, her prime suspect turns out to be Mark…

Read the first three chapters here.

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