How to Stress Less About Valentine’s Day


Chocolate is great for your sex drive. Eat lots of it! (Photo courtesy of ArtByRetta via WANA commons.)

So Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. I personally believe more people dislike it than like it because of all the pressure it puts on both genders. Men feel the need to buy or at the very least do something thoughtful for their partner. If they forget, there’s often hell to pay. Best case scenario, the girlfriend will just pout for a day or two and then realize Valentine’s Day is only a Hallmark Holiday, not meant to be taken very seriously. Worst case scenario, the girlfriend might actually break up with you. Women often get depressed if they’re single and alone on Valentine’ Day or if their significant other doesn’t do something for them. Sometimes, there’s competition among women whose boyfriend/husband loves them the most. According to these women, the more extravagant the Valentine’s gift/gesture, the more their significant other must love them. Here are some tips to relieve Valentine’s Day Stress:

GUYS: If you have a significant other, do everything in your power to remember this holiday. Tell someone who you know will not forget to remind you about it. Valentine’s Day may just be a Hallmark Holiday, but it still means a lot to most women (even to the ones who say they don’t care). The key is not to buy the most expensive gift in the world, but to put some thought into whatever it is that you choose to do for your woman. Just taking her out for dinner should be plenty. And if you can’t take her out for dinner because you’re busy, send her flowers. Hint: choose RED ROSES, not any other type of flower/rose. My client just told me this is apparently important to most women since it’s the most romantic rose. If you’re single and there’s a girl you like, send her roses. (Probably best to send it to her workplace or it may freak her out a little.) I’m telling you guys, doing such a thing is the best and quickest way to win over the object of your affection.  Most women will be so flattered they will at least talk to you or contact you to thank you. And then you can ask her out!

GALS: If you’re single, don’t sit at home and feel sorry for yourself. Plan a girls’ night out with your other single friends. Not only do you strengthen your friendship, but who knows, you might very well meet your new man out that night. You sure as heck won’t meet him in your apartment. Go to the gym and workout. Make it a point to look your very best when you go and then smile and flirt with at least five men that day. Ask guys for help with a weight or cardio machine or for exercise suggestions even if you know as much about training/fitness as I do:). Men love to help women (even when they have no idea what they’re talking about. Just play stupid and smile if this is the case.). If you’re in a relationship, surprise your man by planning a nice dinner for Valentine’s Day and dress super sexy. At least give him a masterful blowjob. Whoever said it’s the man’s responsibility to make Valentine’s Day special? Last, if your guy screws up and forgets Valentine’s Day, pretend you didn’t notice. When he does remember—most guys will remember eventually—he’ll love you even more that you didn’t give him a hard time about it. And what better Valentine’s Gift is there than having your man realize what a great girl you are…?

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