Ten Reasons It’s Great to Live in New York City!

By Emmanuel Huybrechts from Laval, Canada via Wikimedia Commons

By Emmanuel Huybrechts from Laval, Canada via Wikimedia Commons

After several fitness/health posts, it’s time for a tribute to the Big Apple! I moved here in 2001 and fell instantly in love. Like in most relationships, NYC and I have not always had an easy time. But I remain committed. True New Yorkers find ways to grow around bumps in the road, cherish the gritty aspects of the streets, adore that nonstop pulse that reminds us why we came in the first place. New Yorkers embrace the so-called rudeness of fellow residents because we get it’s not personal. Busy people just don’t have the time to be chummy with everyone. Life’s too short, and NYC is too exciting! Here are ten reasons why it’s so great.

1. So many single men and women!  The U.S. average no of singles is 51.5%, while in NYC it’s 54.5!!! Considering that NYC has 8,336,697 inhabitants (Wikipedia), you have plenty of opportunities. There are slightly more than five percent women than men, but, women, this link shows you there are actually more single men available ages 20-34. Also, click on this link, and you’ll realize the truth behind this skewed no—women live longer than men! Among men and women ages 70 + there are almost 337,000 more women than men (114,000 more women after age 85). So unless you plan on dating an 83-year-old dude, the playing field is pretty even…

2. Never mind the hour or day, there are always several restaurants and mega drugstores opened. And you can find restaurants that will appeal to ANY culinary preference at pretty much any time. Bars don’t close at two a.m. like they do in so many other big cities throughout the world, including American. There are plenty of places in Manhattan where you can continue partying at four a.m. if you feel like it. And not just during the weekends, but every day. (Not that I recommend this, but it’s nice to know you can, right?)

3. The city’s drop dead gorgeous with neighborhoods steeped in their own particular personality. I never get tired of walking the streets of Manhattan, admire the century-old buildings that sometimes sit right next to ultra-modern skyscrapers. The city’s grid layout makes navigating its mile-long streets and avenues easy even for newbies. And there’s always a cab available. Returning in one from the boroughs is a treat because you get to experience the city’s iconic skyline. It never fails to impress me, not to mention fill me with happiness that I’m part of this exciting city.

4. You meet people from all over the world here because they have all come to live here together. It’s wonderful to have friends of every ethnicity, age and sexual preference and I can’t think of another place in the world that gives you that opportunity. Because NYC attracts a certain type of person—the gritty kind that typically has lots of personality—you’re bound to make friends that will never bore you. Somehow, I can’t imagine this will be nearly as easy in cities like Omaha, NE or Valby, Sweden…

5. Shopping! I hardly ever buy anything anywhere else because I know I can always get it cheaper and better in NYC. You can find everything here. There is ALWAYS a sale in some store. (And I’m talking significant discounts, not just a paltry 20% off or something.)  No need to wait till after the holidays or get up at three a.m. on Black Friday. In NYC, there are deals 24/7. From exclusive designers to department stores like Century 21 and Macy’s to mass appeal stores like H& M and the Gap, there are charitable secondhand stores like Housingworks and sprawling flea markets where you can find fabulous stuff for pennies.

6. The best individuals of every field are in this city. Remember the old adage: if you can make it in NYC, you can make it anywhere? Well, it’s true! To live a good life in NYC, you need to make money. This means you need to be really good at what you’re doing. Because there are so many people competing to be the best here, count on a higher caliber of individuals in pretty much any profession. Of course, often, eating at that great restaurant, using that talented hair stylist, or going to that incredible health club will cost you. Impeccable service is costly.

7. There’s ALWAYS something to do. Just get a Timeout Mag if you need inspiration. Different types of movie theater, Broadway shows of all levels, the best clubs in the world, countless museums (if you’re into that kind of stuff. The only museum I find worth visiting is the Sex Museum;) great restaurants suited for any wallet size.  The word “culture” has almost become synonymous with NYC. Last, Central Park. Not only beautiful and great for exercise, but it has tons of amazing, often free activities throughout the year. And great for people-watching/meeting.

8. We have the best subway system in the world that runs 24/7,  unlike metro systems in Paris, Tokyo, London and Stockholm. Taking the train is usually more efficient than taking cabs to get far distances in the city. So the subway might not always have the cleanest/most well-maintained stations or trains, but there’s always something interesting going on at the subway stops—artists performing, homeless people acting crazy (warning: stay far away from a crazy homeless person or you might end up under a train), a disgusting rat you can stare at.

9. The abundance of coffee! NYC might not have the best coffee in the world, but it has the most! You can hardly walk ten steps before you run into a coffee cart filled with ready-made coffee served to your preference in a NYC second! The guys working these carts are quick and know that we New Yorkers want what we want NOW. In addition to great-tasting coffee, these wagons are filled with an abundance of cheap donuts, bagels, danishes, croissants etc.  I’m not advocating that you eat these goodies on a daily basis, but once a week its definitely okay. Just hit the gym afterward:)

10. Four seasons (and I’m not talking about the hotel, although it’s here and pretty awesome too). NYC is located at a latitude that allows for four very distinct seasons. And all of them have their own charm. Winters are not too long and not too cold, the falls are BEAUTIFUL, the springs are gorgeous too, though they could be a little longer (but, hey, at least we have them). Summers are long and fun, sometimes a bit too humid and hot. But this why we have the Hamptons and other easily accessible beaches where we can cool off. Then there’s always A/Cs. Every wise New Yorker owns at least one…

It’s easy to understand why I’ve made NYC my hometown, isn’t it? You should come here too! Just remember it’s not for the lazy or faint of heart;) Please let me know if I missed something that makes this city AWESOME!

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